May 272011

LEXiTRON ™ (เล็กซิตรอน) is a Thai <-> English dictionary produced by the National Computer and Electronics Center, Thailand (NECTEC). There are two versions of the dictionary (sound / no sound) that you can download and install for free.

LEXiTRON is maintained by Thai staff and its users can suggest new words and definitions. This may explain how some of the more unusual words, spellings and sometimes vulgar slang has worked its way into the dictionary. Nonetheless, for a free dictionary the overall quality is quite reasonable.

Download LEXiTRON 2.6

Download: Lexitron 2.6 Setup (no sound files) (49885)
File size: 47.9 MB
MD5 checksum: 97f2d8e707f364e6c1a19ea9cafa4004

Download LEXiTRON 2.6 with sound

Download: Lexitron 2.6 Setup (with sound files) (39409)
File size: 598.6 MB
MD5 checksum: 73980b0b8d78e5ed88496d99adb21505

A note for software developers and lexicographers

Previous versions of LEXiTRON store the dictionary data in plain text files, but LEXiTRON 2.6 stores its data using Apache Derby, a Java relational database management system. After we installed and configured Apache Derby on one of our test computers, we were able to query the LEXiTRON 2.6 database using SQL commands.

The dictionary data files have been used by many websites and dictionary programs.

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  1. Thanks. Works perfectly.

  2. You’re welcome. We just moved across to this new website and it’s good to have some positive feedback.

  3. I wonder why I can’t use it for ever like other program , Dictionaries

  4. ขอบคุณมากๆครับ

  5. ขอบคุณคับ

  6. Thank you very mach…

  7. thanks alot

  8. ดีมากครับ เพิ่งได้โหลดมาลองใช้ดู เคยใช้ชุดของ ส. เสถบุตร ซึ่งต้องเสียเงิน และไม่ค่อยเวิร์ค คำศัพท์บางคำก็ไม่มี ผมลงกับ Windows 7 x 64 บิท ยังไม่เจอปัญหาครับ แต่ยังไม่ได้ใช้จริงจัง

  9. Do you have this programme for someone like me,who is not familiar with the Thai alphabet?

    • Sorry, but we don’t. Dictionaries that transliterate Thai words into English have a very limited use, and you’ll find that no one will be able to understand what you say. Try learning Thai — it might not be as difficult as you imagine.

  10. Thank you so much

  11. thank you

  12. Dear Admin, thank you for this precious dictionary. I used to use it on a Linux mobile phone. Is this new version still good for such o.s.? Moreover, will it work with Android too? Or maybe do you have another version for that o.s.?

    Thanks in advance from Italy.

    • Max,

      This version is for Microsoft Windows only, and as such will not work unless your phone is capable of running Windows applications. There used to be an old version on the NECTEC website for Linux, but I don’t recall whether that was pre-compiled (binary version) or required you do compile it yourself. Either way, I suspect that you will have problems getting it to run on a mobile phone.

      I’m still using an old Motorola Motorokr E6 Linux-based phone which has a T/E dictionary installed. I believe this uses the data set from the NECTEC dictionary and works reasonably well. Staff in the Motorola shop installed this for me several years ago but I’m not sure whether this is still an option. Have Motorola phone shops now closed down in Thailand?

      • Dear Admin,

        Ooh, that’s the same phone I was mentioning before! So I think we’d the same application on such mobile….

        But now even that program I can’t open anymore (maybe it’s corrupted), so maybe you can help me in find where I can download it again…

        Can you tell me the link?
        Thank you Adm, you’re very kind.


        • Sorry, but I don’t have a link for downloading the Motorola application which is installed on my phone.

          The About menu option says “Developed by Motorola, Database Licenced by SO SETHAPUTRA” — so maybe you could use that information when searching. Otherwise, you might just arrange a trip to MBK or Pantip Plaza if that’s convenient.

  13. thank you for download

  14. Thank you ka

  15. I really like this program, and appreciate all the work that has been done on it since I started using it when it was version 1.x. I just downloaded and installed 2.6 without the sound in a new Acer notebook with Windows 7 Professional, 4GB RAM and 500GB Hard Disk space. But when I tried to change the font, here is what happened.
    1. I clicked Option | Font to get the Select Font dialog.
    2. I customized the font settings leaving Tahoma as the default font, and increasing the font size to 20 and checking the box for bold. I also changed the font color to a dark blue. Then I clicked OK.
    3. The Select Font box closed, but also popped up again, and no changes had been made in the main Lexitron window. So I repeated what I did in Step 2 above. I had to do this two more times before the the font changes actually worked.
    4. When I closed the Lexitron program and reopened it, the font settings were back at the default: Tahoma Font, Font size 14, no bold, no italics, black color.
    Is this a Windows 7 compatibility problem? I have not tried any legacy settings yet, or running it as administrator, although I am using an account with administrator rights.
    Cheers/howiem Bangkok

  16. Further to my last post above, I just tried uninstalling Lexitron 2.6 and reinstalling it in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, but the exact same problem occurred as I described above.
    Cheers/howiem Bangkok

  17. good

  18. ขอบคุณที่ใด้ใช้ พจนานุกรมนี้ ดีแต่ มีทั่วไป ของฟรี ขอดูต่อว่าจะดีใด้อีกไหม

  19. thank your good program

  20. Good morning! Thank you for this free program. I am using Window 7. Do you think this dictionary will work with this operating system?

  21. ขอบคุณมากๆๆๆๆๆคับ พจนฯนี้เยียมเล้ยยยย 😀

  22. Thank a lot.

  23. Thank you so much for the good dictionary. It works with Windows 7. Thank you ^^

  24. Hi… Does this work on MAC OS???

  25. I have this error:
    An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5.
    Access is denied.

    Click Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (not recommended), or Abort to cancel installation.

    Any suggestions, using windows 7

    • Danni, it works fine for me and I’m using Windows 7. Did you get the problem sorted?

      • i did get it installed somehow, i think i just ignored the message and went on and somehow I got it installed. all is good. thanks for the reply.

  26. Hi there,
    My name is Saemin and I work in the Biz Dev organization in Google APAC. I’m trying to reach the person who manages Lexitron’s Thai word data-base.

    Would be grateful if you could contact me at ############# to discuss further.

    Thank you
    Saemin Ahn

  27. BIG Thank!

  28. ถ้าโหลดได้ง่ายๆก็คงดีนะ

  29. I just download your lextritron dictionary and I haven’t dowloaded to my lap top computer. I’m sure it won’t have any problem with the program.

  30. Thanks you for your support

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    Thank you!!!!!!!! :-)

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  33. very good

  34. this program is very bad

  35. dict free! thai eng. yeah! very good thank u :-)

  36. […] Download the dictionary from this page. […]

  37. thanks u so much………

  38. Please be aware that some other websites were hotlinking (stealing bandwidth) from Bangkok Library. We have changed the configuration of our servers to limit this problem and we hope the download service from Bangkok Library continues to work well for you. Please let us know if you experience any difficulties with the download service.

    Websites that copy content (text and images) from Bangkok Library will be reported for copyright infringement.

  39. […] To get the free English <-> Thai dictionary go to the dictionary download page. […]

  40. Hello to this forum. Am a Nigerian, and I recently made someone from Bangkok through the Blackberry social network. She doesn’t understands english, and I too don’t understand the language of Bangkok. Please is there a way that I’ll be helped to communicate with my new friend from Bangkok?

    • Well, other than to learn each other’s language, you could try an online translation service. Google Translate can be useful although it tends to be better at translating from English to Thai rather than the other way round. Thai2English is another option.

  41. I am English and trying to learn Thai. I downloaded the above Lexicon program but the program only seems to provide pronounciations in English. Does the tool provide what I am looking for? Thank you.

    • You will need Lexitron (or a similar dictionary) to look up words but it’s probably not what you need right now. Have you tried Vaja?

      There are also commercial dictionaries available that have audible pronunciations in Thai and English. They are normally sold on CD/DVD at most Thai bookshops and when I bought mine (several years ago) it must have cost about 300 baht. I don’t have it installed on this PC but if I can find the time I may write a quick review and check out the current version.

  42. […] To get the free English <-> Thai dictionary go to the dictionary download page. […]

  43. Is there a trick to get Lexitron to run under Windows 8?

  44. Since I’m not on a Windows machine, is there a way to get ahold of the data files for use with other DB UIs?

  45. Thank you so much!

  46. Wow finally a dict I can use in Linux! You might want to add that under wine 1.7 in the ubuntu flavors you can now have a Thai-English dictionary! Ive wanted this for a long time!

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