Jan 242012

Thai Typing Tutor v. 1.04 is freeware. You can download this small program to your computer to practice and improve your Thai typing skills. It contains basic keyboard drills for beginners and more advanced copy typing exercises for intermediate students.

Download the free Thai Typing Tutor (1888) for Microsoft Windows from Bangkok Library.

File size approximately 1.1 MB.

Works on Microsoft Windows XP SP3. May work on other more recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

  18 Responses to “Download Thai Typing Tutor 1.04 (Freeware)”

  1. Thanks for download giving

  2. i like Thai language

  3. good

  4. Sa Vad Dee !!!
    It isn’t appear thai fonts on the screen….Please help me na!!!

    Kob Khun Krab!!!

  5. Hi Guy!! Does it support in Windows 7?
    (cos the font does’t support)
    help me plz !!


    • I tried to install on Windows 7 and found that installation failed without administrator privileges. After installing as an administrator, the program started but did not show the Thai font. Chris (see earlier comment) reckons he fixed the font problem.

      • Yes,I did follow him,but I can not fix that problem,he did that on windows xp ,but it could not be on windows7 . T_T

  6. How to download plz tell me which place can I download

  7. It didn’t work for me too in window 7. No font thai is displayed on the screen after I put the DBTT font in the C://windows/Fonts/

    Ples advise!
    Kob khum krab! :-)

  8. good i like it!

  9. i would like to learn Thia typing

  10. real estate thailand

    Download Thai Typing Tutor 1.04 (Freeware) » Bangkok Library

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