Jul 162012

This is by far the best organised and most comprehensive collection of Thai words that we have reviewed. The ebook has been created for teachers of Thai primary school children (ป. 1 – 6) and education departments, but could also be used by adults and children learning Thai as a foreign language.

The ebook is split into lists of words that each year group should be able to read and understand. It also includes a basic list of foundation words for young children. Each chapter introduces the following number of words:

Year group New words
ป.1 708
ป.2 1,098
ป.3 1,210
ป.4 1,270
ป.5 1,049
ป.6 952
Total: 6,287

You can download the complete ebook (107 pages) here:

Thai word list for primary school children (1665)

Our thanks go to the Office of Elementary Education (District 2) Trang for publishing this document.

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  1. hello i AM A DANISH MAN who is starting to read 1-5 grade, is it possible that you have the EBOOK as a .doc wordfile, so i CAN GO AND TRANSLATE THE WORD REGARDS PER MADSEN

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