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Yesterday I dropped in at the National Stadium sports complex to check out the Hua Mak Velodrome. I had read that access is free for track and road racing cyclists and it was the venue for the 2007 Asian Cycling Championships.

When I arrived at the Ramkhamhaeng Hua Mak campus I made the mistake of asking for (and believing) directions to get the velodrome. I should have known better. Rather than admit they had no idea, I was greeted with a smile and pointed in completely the wrong direction until eventually I found the correct way. It is a very big site and I therefore advise you follow my directions.

The Hua Mak Velodrome is actually very easy to find if you enter the access road almost directly opposite Ramkhamhaeng Soi 65. You may be familiar with the FTB Sport Complex (เอฟ.ที.บี.สปอร์ตคอมเพล็กซ์จำกัด) shop on the corner — you can’t miss it.

The velodrome is set back about 300m from the notoriously busy Ramkhamhaeng Road but suffers none of its pollution or congestion. When I visited, there were a couple of Thai lads with their cheap steel fixies chilling out on the stands, while some more serious Thai cyclists were preparing their cycles. Everyone was friendly and you should have no problem if you want to tag along.

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  4. Hi Brian.
    I just came across your short video whuilst searching for BK track cycling.
    There is very little info about track cycling there on the net.
    Would be interesting to chat with some guys who do track racing there.
    I am interested in visiting for training and using the trip as mixture for training and holiday as am fed up with european venues 😉
    Would be interested to know quality of the track, decent accom (studio) etc .
    I am also interested in the possibility in the future of developing track cyclists there and coaching once i finish my courses in the UK.
    Oh bythe way I used to work in Info/tech in telecomms here in uk before the telcomms bust lol now working as MRI engineer though prefer track cyclng :-)
    The website above is just where I put photos of me in events or cycling rides, the link below is small video I did warming up day before workld masters in portugal.
    I would be interested to know if you have any contact within Thai cycling as info is very sparse on the net.
    Also decent studio type accom recommendations would be appreciated :-)

    • Dave,

      As you can probably see from the photos and video (in another post) the track is well maintained and ready to use. I’m not a track cyclist myself but if I were in the area I would almost certainly use it as a place to train away from the busy traffic. If nothing else, Bangkok gets very hot during the daytime and the track would offer a safe option for evening or early morning rides.

      There is no shortage of accommodation in Bangkok and Ramkhamhaeng (the local area) is a particularly cheap area to stay. Thai style apartments (e.g. bedroom + bathroom + balcony) cost anything from about 60 pounds up per month although you’d be better off paying about 120 pounds up and get a much nicer place. However, these prices assume a long stay and if you are visiting for a holiday then you’ll pay much more – probably 10 – 20 pounds per night.

      If you are on a budget then you could consider Nasa Vegas Hotel and Apartment which is right next to the nearby Ramkhamhaeng Train Station / Airport Link. I passed there last week and noticed they still do rooms for 690 baht (about 15 pounds) per night.

      Of course, if you are not on a budget then there are many much nicer places to stay. A genuinely nice place would cost 20,000 baht or 400 pounds per month.

      You’ll have to think about how you’d get your bike to the track. I have seen many Thai lads ride fixies with no brakes on the road but I would not take such a chance.

      I’m going to grab a coffee now before I come back to finish my reply.

    • If you are interested in mixing with Thai cyclists the best thing to do is to go along to the velodrome or some other event and say hello. There are online forums and if you want to “go native” you could give this a try:

      Unless you can read Thai you will need to use Google Translate or similar.

      This page has some nice pictures of fixed wheel bikes in Japan:

    • That looks good. Just bear in mind that you won’t find nice empty roads like those in Bangkok!

      • Hi.
        Thanks for reply.
        Ah the photos are not all on clear roads lol there are several albums there. When I finish editing video I will sned you link for cycling in manila, that was manic lol
        I will probably come to bk first time for 8 days. £20 is not a lot lol so anything from that price to £50 a night would be fine for me if you have any such links would be great.

        • If your budget is up to 50 pounds per night (2,500 baht) you should have no problem finding something you’ll be happy with. Even 1,200 baht per night would get you a decent room in a reasonable hotel. Search on and you’ll find many hotels offering rooms at 20 – 40 pounds per night.

  5. Thanks for writing this article. I’m normally in Saraburi but sometimes come over to Bangkok and we – myself and some friends – tried the velodrome for the first time last week. We don’t have track bikes – it would have been more fun if we had – but it was still great fun to have a blast in Bangkok and not worry about the traffic. A couple of Thai guys joined in as well. Def recommened!


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