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This should be a mostly complete list of all mosques (Thai: มัสยิสต์) in Bangkok, Thailand. Please post a comment if you would like to suggest a translation (to Thai), correction, or update. We will post additional pages with links and contact data as time allows.

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Update 18.07.2012:

We have added the Google Map (above) but due to problems with transliterations (Thai to English) some of the spellings do not match those we have listed below. Unless you know the correct Thai spelling of the mosque or have local knowledge, this map currently presents one of the best ways to find a mosque in Bankgok.

Click on any of the map makers (letters or red dots) for more information about each mosque.

Mosques starting with the letter A

  1. Aeyatul Muslimin Mosque
  2. Amun Narumit Mosque
  3. Anya Ma A Mosque
  4. Arsanuddine Mosque
  5. Assalam Mosque (Khlong Kum)
  6. Aubdulla Nusorn Mosque
  7. Aubduraohman Mosque
  8. Aul Aegrom Mosque
  9. Aularla We Mosque
  10. Aul-Arteek Mosque
  11. Aulbakanee Mosque
  12. Aulbusraw Mosque
  13. Aul Eiahasan Mosque
  14. Aul Eiasanee Mosque
  15. Aul Eiasan Mosque (Koo Lang)
  16. Aul Eiatisom Mosque
  17. Aulfalah Mosque
  18. Aulgubraw Mosque
  19. Aul Ha De Mosque
  20. Aulhidayah Mosque
  21. Aulhooda Mosque
  22. Aulhuda Mosque
  23. Aulhusna Mosque (Ban Jian Dub)
  24. Aulhus Shunnee Mosque
  25. Aulhus Shunnee Mosque
  26. Aul Issalahu Mosque
  27. Aulkoireyah Mosque (Nual Noy)
  28. Aullarul Aubrod Mosque
  29. Aulnooroi Mosque
  30. Aulwarul Islam Mosque (Sa Mor Se)
  31. Aulwa Torneeyah Mosque
  32. Aulyamearh Lumaerua Mosque
  33. Aulyilraoh Mosque
  34. Aul You Se Lo Mosque
  35. Aulyuseeraw Lawlair Mosque
  36. Aussaardah Mosque
  37. Aussala Feyah Mosque
  38. Auttukwa Mosque
  39. Auttukwa Mosque (Bang Mod)

Mosques starting with the letter B

  1. Bang Autit Mosque
  2. Bang Luang Mosque (Ku Dee Kounw)
  3. Ban Oou Mosque
  4. Bang Or Mosque
  5. Ban Ko Mosque
  6. Ban Ko Mosque
  7. Ban Somdej Mosque
  8. Bayan Mosque
  9. Bidayatul Hidayah Mosque
  10. Budrul Mumi Mosque
  11. Bung Nong Bon Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter D

  1. Daral Arbiteen Mosque
  2. Daraw Saardah Mosque
  3. Darisslam Mosque
  4. Darisslam Mosque
  5. Dariya Dussorleehean Mosque
  6. Daron Naeum Mosque
  7. Darul Aibadah Mosque
  8. Darul Aimadah Mosque
  9. Darul Aiyadah Mosque
  10. Darul Aman Mosque
  11. Darul Amarn Mosque
  12. Darul Ameen Mosque
  13. Darul Arbedine Mosque
  14. Darul Arbidine Mosque
  15. Darul Eran Mosque
  16. Darul Hasanai Mosque
  17. Darul Heyadah Mosque
  18. Darul Koirot Mosque
  19. Darul Moaha Simean Mosque
  20. Darul Moa Sinean Mosque (Ban Don)
  21. Darul Moochayeerin Mosque
  22. Darul Moohibbin Mosque
  23. Darul Mookim Mosque
  24. Darul Mookim Mosque
  25. Darul Mookoh Rawbin lumhin Mosque
  26. Darul Mudtakin Mosque
  27. Darul Muhayeerean Mosque
  28. Darul Muhibpin Mosque
  29. Darul Mumeenean Mosque
  30. Darul Muslimin Mosque
  31. Darul Mustakean Mosque
  32. Darul Muttasin Mosque
  33. Darul Naheam Mosque
  34. Darun Khoni Mosque
  35. Darun Mooneen Mosque
  36. Darun Nahim Mosque
  37. Darunna Seerein Mosque
  38. Darun Naseha Mosque
  39. Darus Saardah Mosque
  40. Darus Salam Mosque
  41. Darus Salam Mosque (Ba Yan)
  42. Darus Yardh Mosque (Hoa Mark Noy)
  43. Daryslam Mosque
  44. Deebul Islam Mosque
  45. Deenul Islam Mosque
  46. Don Sakae Mosque
  47. Dylfallah Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter E

  1. Eibada Mosque
  2. Eikawanul Mustakein Mosque
  3. Eikormadul Islam Mosque
  4. Eimaraw Tuddine Mosque
  5. Eirawda Talkamal Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter F

  1. Futhul Baree Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter H

  1. Halsa Yeedine Mosque
  2. Haroon Mosque
  3. Hasanuddin Mosque
  4. Hedayatul Issalah Meyah Mosque
  5. Herul Islam Mosque (Thong Law)
  6. Hidayatul Islam Mosque
  7. Hidayatuy Islam Mosque “Sam-In”
  8. Hoshelniyahbabol Havaej Mosque
  9. Hua Mark Noi Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter I

  1. Iddhard Auloomuddine Mosque
  2. Indarulmiya Mosque
  3. Indonisia Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter J

  1. Jukkapong Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter K

  1. Kadee Luang Mosque
  2. Kamalun Islam Mosque
  3. Khlong Chan Mosque
  4. Khlong Kao Mosque
  5. Khlong Mai Mosque
  6. Khlong Sib Mosque
  7. Khoiriyatun Issala Miya Mosque (Bang Ka Si)
  8. Khukot Mosque
  9. Koi Ris Sun Na Mosque
  10. Koirutdein Mosque
  11. Koirut Tukwa Mosque
  12. Korsimasalayamee Mosque
  13. Kuan Im Mosque
  14. Kubu Koridine Mosque
  15. Kuwa Til Islam Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter L

  1. Lamanatul Islam Mosque
  2. Latbuakhao Mosque
  3. Lewaaul Islam Mosque
  4. Lod Somboon Mosque
  5. Luang Gochaid Sahark Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter M

  1. Mahanak Mosque
  2. Majma Aulyibada Mosque
  3. Manafiaul Islam Mosque
  4. Marul Eiasan Mosque
  5. Masjid Alistikhomah
  6. Masjid Iahyaal-Turosal- Islam
  7. Masong Mosque
  8. Ma So Tun Di Ni Ya Mosque
  9. Masyid Zahritul Islam
  10. Meera Suddin Mosque
  11. Mifta Hulyinan Mosque (Lum Jiak)
  12. Misaurul Baaul Mosque
  13. Muhajireen Mosque
  14. Muttakein Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter N

  1. Nafee Arh Lumnaiso Mosque
  2. Nahdortul Issalah Mosque
  3. Narukka Islam Mosque
  4. Narul Naaeam Tubchanglang Mosque
  5. Niabatun Islam Mosque
  6. Niahmatus Isalam Mosque
  7. Niamatul Islam Mosque
  8. Niamatul Islam Mosque
  9. Niamatul Mukboolee Mosque (Ban Yai)
  10. Nim Charoen Mosque
  11. Nooruddine Mosque
  12. Noorul Eiasan Mosque
  13. Noorul Hedayah Mosque
  14. Noorul Hiasan Mosque (Lum Ta Jean)
  15. Noorul Islam Mosque
  16. Noorul Islam Mosque
  17. Noorul Islam Mosque
  18. Noorul Islam Mosque (Koo Kot)
  19. Noorul Islam Mosque (Na Tub)
  20. Noorul Lawh Mosque (Lum Blow)
  21. Noorul Sahadah Mosque
  22. Noorul Yakene Mosque
  23. Noorun Aibadah Mosque
  24. Noorunloh Mosque
  25. Noorus Aibadah Mosque
  26. Noorus Hooda Mosque
  27. Noorus Salam Mosque
  28. Nooryl Kordeam Mosque
  29. Nurun Yakin Mosque
  30. Nuwul Islam Mosque
  31. Nuyul Islam Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter O

  1. Ouw Goff Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter P

  1. Park Khlong Lumree Mosque
  2. Phadungthum Islam Mosque
  3. Prasert Islam Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter R

  1. Raodortul Yannah Mosque
  2. Raohmatul Islameyah Mosque
  3. Reyard Sunan Mosque
  4. Ridwanul Islam Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter S

  1. Safeeae – Marium Mosque
  2. Safee Russalam Mosque
  3. Santichon Mosque
  4. Seyfee Mosque
  5. Sirawyul Badah Mosque
  6. Sorla Huddein Mosque
  7. Sorlee Husa Islam Mosque
  8. Sorlee Husalam Mosque
  9. Sorli Aul Islam Mosque
  10. Sorlihul Mussaleemean Mosque
  11. Sornsomboon Bang Mod Mosque
  12. Suan Plue Mosque
  13. Sulanee Surounwdae
  14. Sutthatham Mosque
  15. Suwannapoom mosque

Mosques starting with the letter T

  1. Talmeeyatul Islam Mosque
  2. Tar It Mosque
  3. Thai Pakistan Friendship Mosque
  4. Ton Son Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter U

  1. Ulhikayaddung School Mosque (Taladkwan)
  2. Unsorrissunna Ul Islahu Association Royal Mosque
  3. Unwaris Sunna Mosque

Mosques starting with the letter Y

  1. Yama Luddin Mosque
  2. Yam Aul Ii Kwan Mosque
  3. Yamearh Mosque (Khlong Nueng)
  4. Yameaul Islam Mosque
  5. Yameaul Mumenien Mosque (Yua Sa)
  6. Yameaul Nadeeyah Mosque
  7. Yameeaul Koirot Mosque
  8. Yamelul Islam Mosque
  9. Yamiaul Idhard Mosque
  10. Yamiaul Islam Khlong Ton Mosque
  11. Yamiaul Islam Mosque
  12. Yamiaul Madah Mosque
  13. Yamiaul Muttakein Mosque
  14. Yami Aun Ii Bada Mosque
  15. Yamieyl Doireeya Mosque
  16. Yamil Mubtadee Mosque
  17. Yamiulmuminin Mosque Provincial Administrative
  18. Yawa Mosque
  19. Yee Lua Wa Mosque
  20. Yum Aiyaton Musalim Mosque (Su Rounw Daeng Mosque)

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  1. Assalamuallikum

    Thank you very much for giving good information

  2. I will be in Bangkok on the 21st June 2012. Are woman allowed in mosques to pray.

  3. Thanks for the info…. It’s very greatful if the admin can populate the list of masjid above onto google map

    • I agree, Adam. We have considered doing that but at the moment we don’t have sufficient information to plot the data accurately. We got a quote from a GIS company but their fee was too expensive.

  4. It would be great and more helpful if classified by location.

    • Once again, we fully agree with your suggestion and will do this in the future if we can improve on our data set.

  5. First of thanks for listing all the Masjid in Thailand.

    Please advice me which is nearest Masjid from Sukhumit area. I need to attend Juma.
    your earliest response is very much appreciated.

    Jazak Allah Khairan

    Was salaam

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  7. First of thanks for listing all the Masjid in Thailand.

    Please advice me which is nearest shia Masjid from romkalao area. I need to attend Juma.
    your earliest response is very much appreciated.

    Jazak Allah

  8. Assalaamualaikum.

    Is there any Mosque in Pradiphat road, Samsen Nai, Bangkok 10400?

  9. I am very happy on this effort and by looking the spread… it looks like my home town having so many places to pray… very nice information. Thank You

  10. Alhumdu’Lillah..!
    Insha’Allah will be visiting Thailand from 24th Jan till 28th Jan..! Salam

  11. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    I will be visiitng bangkok in staying in an area called Kannayao – please can you help with closest Sunni mosque. Also is there one where English can be spoken

    • I am not Muslim but would like to help you if I can. There are many mosques (มัสยิด) in or close to the Kha Na Yao (คันนายาว) district of Bangkok. I have compiled a short list, but you will need to check which of these are Sunni mosque and whether English is spoken. You can view locations on a map here: http://goo.gl/maps/96Flr

      Al-Aowgof Mosque
      127 Rarm Intra 46/1, Khan Na Yao, 10230, Thailand

      Alkoiyum Mosque
      52 Soi Saeng Arun 1, Khan Na Yao, 10230, Thailand

      Paeya Tukmullbpan Mosque
      Soi Rongrian Khanna Yao, Khan Na Yao, 10230, Thailand

      Yameeulnadeeyah Mosque
      Thanon Phraya Suren, 10510, Thailand

      Bang Chan Soliluslam Mosque
      Wongderi Min Buri, 10510, Thailand

      Nurun Islam Mosque
      Bang Chan, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand

      Yamiah Khlong Nung Mosque
      Thanon Surao Khlong Nueang, 10510, Thailand

      Solihutsalam Mosque
      Soi Seri Thai 83 (Chum Chon Ko Chuan), Khan Na Yao, Bangkok, Thailand

      Miftahulyinan Mosque
      Soi Masjid Miftahun Yinam, Bueng Kum, 10240, Thailand

      Yami Ulmuptadi Mosque
      18 Soi Choem Uthit, Khlong Kum, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

      • Thank you very much Brian – may Allah (SWT) bless you for your effort and kind intention.
        Keep well and God Bless.

      • Thank you very much for the list , can you tell me how can I got the mosque in Bangkok phone numbers?
        Thank you

        • Sorry, I don’t have a telephone list of mosques in Bangkok. Perhaps you could Google the name of the mosque you are interested in?

  12. is there any masjid near biec bangkok

  13. I am travelling to Bangkok and would stay in Best Comfort Hotel
    49 Soi Sukmuvit 19 ,Wattana ,Bangkok 10110. Is there any mosque near by

  14. Assalamualaikum Akhi Imran.

    Next month, I will have training at our corporate office in Bangkok till friday afternoon.
    Could you please advise me which is mosque that close to our office at 1550 New Petchburi Road, Makkasan, Rajthevee,Bangkok.


  15. AOA I will be at Bangkok University City Campus (Rama 4 Road, Klong Toey)

    Is there any mosque near by.



  16. Yang deket BTS Bering apa nama masjitnya fan gmana cara akses kesananya. Saya baru tinggal di bangkok

  17. Any mosque near any of the Airport Link Stations kndly guide

  18. Please add Bangkok Mosque (Suriwong Road)

  19. sir i m new in bangkok and this my first eid alone here
    i live genral candy.co parlret i want to know the near by mosque its way and timming for eid namaz

  20. Assalamuakaykum sister/brother. My family and i are planning to visit bangkok this dec. We will be staying in baiyoke sky hotel in sha allah. What masjid will you recommend to visit in terms of architectural design? And what masjid is very accesible to our hotel. Jazakallah khair.

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